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2/7/01 - Few more pics added thanks to dipz and Kshama. And a lowdown of who's doing what in the class section. Please let me know if you any ideas at all as to what more we can do on this page.

7/6/01 - Theres a chat room on the site now. We can probably fix up a time and a lot of us can be on at the same time...? What say?

4/6/01 - Updated again.. just a few more names added to the listing. The messageboard looks more like a guestbook. Would like it if we could actually have conversations or discussions on it...

28/5/01 - Updated for the first time, the site now features a messageboard for us to keep in touch with each other and a sitemeter. Not to mention a totally revamped main page.

Lots of names still missing from the list of our entire class. Try and remember and let me know. Also, if each one of you can write a small description about yourself, I can link that to your name on the list. Provide whatever info u want ppl to have (add, phone no, bday, instant messenger ids, interests etc etc...). Or if you have a site of your own, I could just provide a link to that.

If any of u have any ideas about what else could go on this page.. let me know. Mail me at or  



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